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Simply because....if you haven't seen these pics of AJ Cook's rockin' body...you should. :D

AJ Cook Joy )
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Oh, we knew they were going to be renewed (okay, really hoped that CBS and ABC wouldn't be stupid to cancel them since CM is the #1 show on Wednesday per EW) but we just didn't know if everyone was going to return...

Mantegna, Gibson, Moore, Vangsness and Cook all signed 2 year deals. I wonder if Gibson's included the chance to direct more episodes.

Didn't MGG re-up last year for two years? Or is he the only one still without a contract?

Here's the announcement from EW: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/05/09/criminal-minds-renewed-for-ninth-season/
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Got some photos of the cast at the TCA party from the other night and well as from Comic Con a few weeks ago.

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Title: Out of the Ashes I Rise
Fandoms: The Millenium Trilogy, The L Word, Private Practice, Dollhouse, Criminal Minds, Veronica Mars, Higher Ground
Subject: Sexual Assault Awareness Month (it's a tad late)
Warnings: Deals with rape and sexual abuse. Spoilers for all fandoms.
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Just a bunch of random bunch of crazy that I put together.  Still rather new at this so they are far from perfect but it's fun playing around with icons (and GIMP).

Included: fifteen from Criminal Minds, eight from Glee, four maybe familiar faces, and two scenery (twenty-nine in all).



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Hee, Paget Brewster just posted this to her Twitter account:

High school graduation photos of the CM cast )

I would never have recognized Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, or Kirsten Vangsness in a million years. :D
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Trigger Warning: Attempted 'Date' Rape, but then AJ Cook's character Charlotte is quickly rescued by the protagonists (Mason):

A.J. Cook in 'Dead Like Me' Part 1
Part II:

Or watch the whole episode, "Sunday Morning":

starring: Ellen Muth, Laura Harris, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Cynthia Stevenson, Mandy Patinkin, A.J. Cook, Greg Kean, Britt McKillip, Christine Willes, Kevin Durand, Kett Turton, Mike Savage, David Milchard, and Charisse Baker

...plus, "Dead Like Me" is about Grim Reapers who collect souls, so deaths, but nothing graphic. Plus, jerkass meets justifiable police/reaper brutality.

LOL watch AJ's character profile one of the protagonist's car! Oh, and reading sonnets and being cute friends with Ellen. AJ Cook really have a best BFF Evar vibe.

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3 - Bleach headers
2 - Criminal Minds headers (Garcia, Prentiss)
4 - Actor headers (Kristen Vangsness, AJ Cook & Paget Brewster;
Matt Smith promotional pics for Doctor Who)

All headers are 1000px across (because that's what fits my layout best). You may resize them, but please don't repost the resized ones as your own. I didn't post thumbnails so this is very image heavy.

Fake cut to my journal!
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Sweet second Christmas! Where is this from?:

larger version )

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This week's RTM will be focused on Jennifer Jareau. Please do not use this discussion as an opportunity to bash JJ as a character, or each other. This also isn't the place to discuss other characters in depth. Stay on topic and discuss JJ, please.

If you are new to the fandom, or just would like a more comprehensive look at Jennifer Jareau, feel free to read on, and then share your thoughts on JJ in the comments!

Jennifer Jareau was born in the late 1970s, and was raised in East Allegheny, Pennsylvania (a neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s north side - population 2,635). JJ grew up collecting butterflies as a child. We assume she comes from a two-parent household. She has an aunt. JJ also had an older sister, who committed suicide in the late 1980s when JJ was eleven years old. She still has the necklace her sister gave her (“Risky Business“.) She also presumably has another older sibling. In “The Boogeyman“, JJ says she has an eight-year-old niece (born in the late 1990s, after JJ’s older sister’s death.) In the same episode, JJ reveals a fear of the woods...

Read more... )

What is your favorite JJ episode?

Is there a part of JJ's life that you wish got more focus?

What is JJ's most striking character trait?

What is your favorite JJ scene?

What do you think makes JJ an integral part of the BAU?

For writers, how do you portray JJ? Are there aspects of her life that are not on the show that you incorporate into your fiction? Do you stick pretty close to what the show portrays with regard to her character?

For readers, how do you like your JJ portrayed? Calm and in control? Gentle and/or fiercely maternal? Do you prefer her in danger or saving the day?

What do you think makes JJ tick?

Feel free to add any other thoughts about JJ's character in this post, but keep it respectful, please. Disagreement is part of life, but don't put another person down to make your point.
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Please click on the image to see the full image. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks.


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