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19 Icons: Matthew Gray Gubler for [livejournal.com profile] guys20in20 (+1 Dan Feuerriegel)
6 Icons: Criminal Minds


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Oh, we knew they were going to be renewed (okay, really hoped that CBS and ABC wouldn't be stupid to cancel them since CM is the #1 show on Wednesday per EW) but we just didn't know if everyone was going to return...

Mantegna, Gibson, Moore, Vangsness and Cook all signed 2 year deals. I wonder if Gibson's included the chance to direct more episodes.

Didn't MGG re-up last year for two years? Or is he the only one still without a contract?

Here's the announcement from EW: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/05/09/criminal-minds-renewed-for-ninth-season/
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Matthew Gray Gubler is feature in Celebrities’ Winter Fashion Blunders on yahoo.com
The pictures is so funny!!!

Here is the link:
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Got some photos of the cast at the TCA party from the other night and well as from Comic Con a few weeks ago.

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Interesting info, I thought.  Cast and crew have had their holidays canceled because they are already behind schedule.

"The show has taken on some new people, and they are behind on production, so all of their plans for taking holidays have been cancelled, and they are staying on the set."


I believe it's the same event Gubler went to last year, but am not sure.
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Just a bunch of random bunch of crazy that I put together.  Still rather new at this so they are far from perfect but it's fun playing around with icons (and GIMP).

Included: fifteen from Criminal Minds, eight from Glee, four maybe familiar faces, and two scenery (twenty-nine in all).



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Hee, Paget Brewster just posted this to her Twitter account:

High school graduation photos of the CM cast )

I would never have recognized Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, or Kirsten Vangsness in a million years. :D
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I found this cool video on YouTube today and I was pretty amazed by her artwork, so I thought I'd share it on here... excellent drawing, I think she gets pretty close!
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Spreading the word that now's your chance to get one of MGG's Gublerflu shirts. (which have one of his drawings on them. looks like this.) He's taking pre orders for two days. He's calling the shirts "limited edition" so I don't know if he'll be selling them again after this.

Order here.

20 Icons

Nov. 14th, 2011 08:22 pm
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20 Icons: for [livejournal.com profile] thebau20in20
#10 of Derek Morgan
# 9 of Spencer Reid
# 1 of Matthew Gray Gubler


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Requesting pictures of cast members with cute animals or with stuffed animals (um, which was the episode in which Garcia was adorably napping in her chair with a stuffed monkey? poor baby girl didn't get to settle down in bed)

Here's one of Thomas Gibson with a praying mantis

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It's from Gibson's Tumblr, "this dude followed us all the way to disneyland, d'awwwwww. Mr.Gibson, why are you so COOOOL!?!

An older(?) picture of MGG (from his modeling days?) in which he looks kinda vampy, is that his own puppy?
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ETA Nov 25th: Paget Brewster on the cover of Cat Fancy! Jan 2011
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Last night was the Paley event and so here are some interviews that have been posted so far from the press line (none of the actual event yet).Matthew Gray GublerThomas Gibson

MGG pic

Sep. 5th, 2011 11:43 pm
a_blackpanther: (CM team)
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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone's seen this pic of Matthew before? Do you know if it's from a photoshoot? Are there more pics? And in bigger size?

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