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Because not all unsubs are evil at heart. Some just "break". Possible spoilers depending on answers by the community.

These are the ones that made my eyes tear up (under the cut):

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What are the unsubs that made you shed tears?
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Title: of those of us, unknowing
Author: L. Harper ([livejournal.com profile] prairie_city)
Word Count: 14,899
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and storylines are the property of their writers and producers. No money is being made from this work of amateur fiction and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: Originally written for the 2011 [livejournal.com profile] cm_bigbang fest.  Unfortunately, at the time, it didn't make the minimum word count.  Subsequent revisions unintentionally brought it a lot closer, though.  This is my first CM fic, so...con-crit?  Please?
Warnings: Language, gore, character death (canon), something of a strange ending.

Summary: Spencer Reid had been twenty-three years old and an FBI profiler for almost three months when the team took the Adrian Bale case. Painfully inexperienced and only just finding his feet, Reid was forced to watch a seemingly straightforward case spin wildly out of control, when a final bomb went off in a warehouse in Boston with six agents inside.

This is what happened. With the case, the team, and the agent who originally held the position that would one day go to Elle.

of those of us, unknowing (part one links to part two)

(Hope the tags are okay.  No pre-series one?)
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I know we have some crossover fans since both Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds are nerrrrrrrrd shows, so gosh darn it, tell me I ain't the only one who thinks Jim Parsons need to get in here and play the unsub of the week?

ETA: Click on the cut and highlight to read spoilery quotes, it's from last week's BBT episode:
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- Sheldon Cooper, 511 "The Speckerman Recurrence", Big Bang Theory (also a CBS show, be easy eh?)

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JJ, Garcia and Prentiss At A Bar

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LOL *snip*! So 221 "Open Season" was on CTV2 last night, and
1) I wonder how many "Real FBI Agents" was on the CBS board to think that excluding JJ and Prentiss from the show was ever a feasible idea.
2) When Professor Gideon was comforting the dying unsub in the end, okay, that was kinda creepy, and sensual, and I'm jealous of the unsub (or his actor) and that is so very very very wrong lol. The scene is at 38:30-39:15, 40:28 & 40:48. It is vaguely creepy as well as moment of tearjerking as well as something else. [livejournal.com profile] hawk_dancing theorize that it was A Case of Transference in her fic, The Ones That Got Away (Gideon/Reid, reference to Reid's death in "Revelations").
3) The camera pulling up and away sequence that shows the top of the trees in the park - I was fully expecting to see a lot of skeletons in the trees - the uncle started the most dangerous game* tradition, and it sounded like there was No Evidence until his n00b nephews started.

*...but according to Max Brooks, of the Zombie Survival Guide, humans are actually the easiest game and nothing to brag about, "What Have I Been Doing With My Life"?
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Title: Beast or Dragons
Characters: Reid, Tobias Hankel's father
Rating: FRT
Summary: Set during 2x15, Revelations, when Reid first encounters Tobias Hankel's father. (ftm!Reid)
Warnings: (canon) violence, (canon) religious hate, Bible verses.
A/N: Written for [info]lesablefox . Part three of a mini-series of AU (although I suppose we don't know that Reid isn't trans*) episode tags. Title from "Skin", Beth Hart.

No one has ever mentioned how boring it is to be a captive, between the moments of heart-stopping terror. [LJ] [AO3]
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Title: Promises of Paradise
Author: Ragcat
Rating: FRT
Characters/Pairings: Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, BAU team
Warnings: MPREG. Also, nothing graphic, but references to rape, sexual abuse of a child, abortion.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one from "Criminal Minds" and no money is made from this, it is just for fun.
Summary: Spencer Reid is fifteen and pregnant as a result of rape; his father has sent him away to have the baby. Spencer witnesses a murder and ends up being implicated. Derek Morgan is sent to interview him and becomes entwined in the teen's situation.
Author's Note: This is angsty mpreg, an AU set in the present day (with some modifications, see intro paragraph of story) in which the BAU team is pretty much as we know it(current cast)except for Reid. Also, Morgan is younger, maybe late twenties. For this time period of the story, no pairing, just friendship.


...he's fifteen years old, six months pregnant, and his family's completely abandoned him. And now, he's accused of murder...

FIC: Crave

Aug. 28th, 2011 01:50 pm
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TITLE: Crave
BY: realityaskew
PAIRING: Prentiss/Hotch
SUMMARY: A Serial Killer sets his sights on Prentiss.

Read here

Has just been added to Criminal Minds fan fiction and is listed on the new stories page and the Prentiss/Hotch page.
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My CM Big Bang is finally up!  Yay!

Title: The Distant and Dead
Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: Mystery/Steampunk/Drama with a bit of Romance
Pairings: Gina LaSalle/Seaver, Rossi/Reid, Hotch/Haley, Morgan/Garcia, Prophet/Mick Rawson, Holmes/Watson
Summary: The year is 1892.  Sherlock Holmes has been dead for over a year.  When it appears that Jack the Ripper has returned, Scotland Yard calls in a team of Americans to take the case.  The plot thickens when an American proves to be involved -- an American the team has faced before.
Rating: soft R, I think
Warnings: Crossover, AU, slash, femslash, drug use, references to past torture/abuse, oodles of UST, one "on-screen" stabbing, frank discussion of horrible crimes.



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I wrote this a while ago, but never crossposted it to anything *fail*.

Title: The First Revelation
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Genre: Character/Relationship Study.  NOT ROMANCE.
Characters: Amanda Jackson and Dr. Spencer Reid
Summary: She knows, and he knows, but still, the dance persists.
Warning: References to past drug use.

( With her killer graces and her secret places that no boy can fill... )

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Title: far gone from a waking world
Character: Nathan Harris
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings unless you're very much averse to facial muscles.
Medium: ink, nib, brush.

far gone from a waking world"
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Title: some things you just give away
Artist: melanth0
Medium: Marker
Character: Adam from s4, episode 20, "Conflicted".
Warnings: None, but spoilers for the episode in my comments, kind of.

"You may have to wait a very long time."
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I made a small picspam of "Out of the Light" because it had some cute and great scenes in it.
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Title: Identity
Rating: PG-13
Criminal Minds
Prentiss-centric - gen
Genre: Angst/Drama
In the clutches of Ian Doyle, Emily dwells on her past. Meanwhile, the team are forced to dig deep into their colleague’s secrets in order to find her.

Previous Chapters

Chapter Five


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