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In the last episode comment posting in this community, some folks lamented the general atmosphere of crickets here, and then [livejournal.com profile] a_blackpanther suggested that some members might want to discuss more general themes related to the show, sooooooo... yeah, I decided to do a thing. And since things can be daunting for some, I decided to fill the thing with fun little checkboxes because who doesn't like checking things off, amirite?

Below is a poll with lots of questions that hopefully encourage a little back and forth. Feel free to expand on your opinions in the comments section, okay?

[Poll #1960090]

As I said above, please feel free to expand on your answers in the comments!

*EDIT*: LOL! I'm impressed that so many of you think that this show needs more dinosaurs XD
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This is the discussion post for episode 9 x 04: "To Bear Witness." As always, be forewarned that the comment thread will contain spoilers.
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A lot of people commented the latest CM episode felt like one from the old school, and this made me think of all the previous seasons. There is a LOT of good stuff there and I've begun to wonder...

read me :) )
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I am new here, so maybe this has been discussed before.  If someone can point me to that discussion if it exists, or answer this question, I'd really appreciate it.

Except for the pilot episode, are there any canonical examples of "The Reid Effect"?

It seems to me that the idea was forgotten because when Reid interacts with kids after that, he seems to be relaxed and confident.  I don't remember any other example with dogs either.

Thanks for the help.
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So, it isn't Monday, but who's up for a little discussion anyway? Namely, about some of the women on our show. Now, I've been following recent ep discussion posts and I'm noticing a few strange similarities between fan reaction to Hotch's new jogging partner,(and now girlfriend) Beth and former co-star Ashley Seaver, played by Rachel Nichols. Now, before you get into the long rants about her physical similarities to JJ or her supposedly bland acting, hear me out: the abject hatred some fans felt toward her was disconcerting to say the least, and so I am upset (though not really surprised) to hear that new character Beth is getting the same treatment.

I'm honestly indifferent towards Beth because there isn't much to her character yet, but character development happens over time. Frankly, I'm tired of the witch hunts Criminal Minds' fanbase goes on every time a new (or not so new) female character gets introduced. I remember the discussion posts leading up to 100 and at least 50% of all of the Haley related comments saying that they hoped she'd die. And then she did, and the few who actually lacked the shame to cheer for a violent murder were subsequently shouted down. Now that it's been two years, people seem to like her more. And let us not forget Ashley and Jordan Todd, neither of whom got the chance to develop as characters because the (mostly female) fans pitched a dozen fits. And to rewind even farther, remember all the Elle fans (where have they gone I wonder...) complaining after her first introduction in 'The Last Word' that Emily was an Ice Bitch and a robot? You certainly won't see them around anymore. I wish that for once criminalxminds would shut up about female characters long enough to get to know them. Much though I adore Reid and all of the male cast, I'm noticing that the double standard we've all been accusing CBS of in regards to their not valuing women is surprisingly (and hypocritically) apparent within our own fanbase. Now, I know Will and Kevin still have quite the hatedom of their own, but they're mostly getting flack from over-the-top shippers, while Haley, Elle, Emily, Jordan, Ashley and Beth were at varying points treated with an appalling amount of suspicion and out right hatred. So, what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Want to rip my throat out? I'm not trying to come off as rude, I would love to better understand why so many people find fault with such seemingly innocuous women.
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In Season Three, "Damaged", JJ told Garcia that Rossi was probably the reason that the no inter-bureau dating rule exist, and it's generally excepted that Agent Rossi is (was?) a total playboy, but do we ever see any of that on screen? Like, I haven't seen half the series yet, but in all the scenes of Rossi that I've seen with the team so far, I sense zero sexual overtures from Rossi. He did call Garcia kitten (and I'll like to think that's his nickname for her if they are dating, heehee), but does he ever hit on anyone?

Dude, "Limelight", a beautiful young woman expresses that she was quite a fan of his in a way that's clearly a sexual overture, and...nothing from him, in a sexual way.

There was his first wife, but it was more of a romantic thing, I know sex is a /part/ of the romance but I didn't get any "yay I'm going to get laid" vibe from him too, he was obviously thinking long term, whereas from his fanon reputation and what JJ said, I would have expected a string of onesie.
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Rebecca, on the phone: "He's not Agent Gideon, is he?"
- "No Way Out II", Criminal Minds

"Intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart"
― Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

Trigger Warning: for PTSD, mentions of sexual assault, and revictimization

I think Rebecca was not surprised that Frank wasn't who he claimed to be, she was afraid of him even as she invited him in )
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Spoiler Warning for old episodes: "Jones", "Memoriam", and "Uncanny Valley"

Trigger Warning: for sexual abuse and child abuse

Why Spencer's rage against Samantha Malcolm's father was personal )
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What would their powers be?

Reid almost has one already; could one count his intelligence and speed-reading as a mutant power, or would they be amped up somehow? (Maybe he just has to touch a book and he knows what it says?)

Garcia: is she into computers because she can sense electrical energy?

Is Morgan a bomb expert because he's a firestarter?

Did Seaver survive her serial killer father because she has a healing factor?

Was Prentiss such a good undercover operative because she's a chameleon?

What about JJ, Hotch, Rossi, Gideon, Kevin, Will, Strauss? Discuss.
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Write about CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c) — any story about it, really — and a small sect of fans is sure to surface throwing their weight behind a someday romance between BAU agents Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) and Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

Yet at least two factors might keep the Criminal Minds coworkers from ever broaching a workplace romance. For one, Hotch’s ex-wife was killed by a serial killer not two calendar years ago. There’s also the matter of while it’s one thing to have a lunch date with Lenny, the guy who drives the delivery van at your flower shop, it’s another to mix pleasure with a business that is so not conducive to canoodling.

“I’ve read [about some fans' want for a romance] and I don’t know how to respond to it,” Paget Brewster recently shared with TVLine. “I understand it on the one hand, because in the real FBI, people work so closely and are only around each other, so chances are that sooner or later they date each other. In some ways, it’s human nature.”

But on the other hand — and this is a valid point — “The idea that Hotch and I might be fooling around in a roundtable room when children are dying somewhere is really not appealing,” Brewster notes. “It’s a really hard line to ride, so I don’t know if they’ll ever write that. I really don’t.”

Thomas Gibson was similarly bearish on the idea when we ran it by him moments later, responding, “No, no, no…. Not unless it was one of those drunken evenings between Hotch and Prentiss.” (Yeah, one of those evenings. As if!)

Besides, Hotch is not the sort “to get involved with anybody he works with,” he contends. “Come on, he can’t do that!”

“That being said…,” Gibson added, “we’ll see.”

Well, now I'm picturing Hotch/Prentiss drunkenly going at it on the conference room table.
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This very spoilery article talks about the changes that the teams faces in season 7. It's very informative and interesting.

Read more... )

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I wrote a pretty in-depth essay for my English Composition 102 class about the way that female characters in Criminal Minds are treated by the fandom. I asked people here (and on tumblr) to give me their opinions on the main female characters. 
Due to time and length constraints, I ended up talking only about Elle Greenaway, Jennifer Jareau, Ashley Seaver, and Emily Prentiss - the characters that got the most in-depth responses.

A lot of people asked me to post my paper, so I'm posting it now. 

You can find it here on my journal.
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The casting news in Criminal Minds Land has been crazy since last summer. First we learned AJ Cook would not be coming back to the show except for the first two episodes. Then we were told Paget Brewster would have a reduced role, and it would be her last season. Then Rachel Nichols was reportedly hired on for a three episode arc, but added later as a full time cast member. Then we heard that CBS was offering Paget her full contract back, but she was going to keep her options open… It’s getting dizzying!

I thought maybe that was the end of it. There couldn’t possibly be more casting drama within the course of a year, right? Wrong. Apparently not only did CBS see the error of their ways in letting Brewster go, they have now realized that letting Cook go was a bad idea too. You would think the fan uproar last summer would have cued them in to this, but apparently they had to be stubborn.

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[Poll #1716782]
AN: I don't added Seaver because to my knowledge she isn't an Agent or Profile, but a Cadet.
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I'm trying to get a survey going so that I can get a good idea on a direction for this paper, so can we have a discussion post on female characters? 

What I need for my paper:
  • Your gender
  • Your age (an age bracket is fine if you're not comfortable giving a solid number)
  • Your views on Elle, JJ, Garcia, Prentiss, Seaver, and Haley Hotchner: Do you like/feel indifferent to/dislike/hate any of them? Why? 
Otherwise, let's just have a free-for-all discussion on female characters of the CM verse. :) 

(Also, my laptop monitor is dead, so I might be slow replying to people, but I really appreciate anyone who comments.)

Mods? I'm super hoping this is okay. I didn't see anything against it in the rules, and it's technically a discussion post?
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At first, I was kind of miffed that, well, Criminal Minds wasn't mentioned in the opening paragraphs. Numb3rs was, and it has been canceled. So I was all prepared to leave a note about how Criminal Minds was looked over yet again (because, let's face it, this show gets little love from any media or its network)

Then..."...in the shows the antisocial characters usually have an excuse for their horrible personalities, typically a single traumatic event in their past."

They even got the details right about the traumatic event...

Followed by: "#2.Government Agencies Are Full Of Walking Supercomputers"

Warning -- NSFW because of language...and ads for zombies...

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So I was watching 'Zoe's Reprise' the other day and the part in the beginning where Rossi gets his 'I'm a best selling author, here let me read to you' on made me think. He writes about previous cases, about his experiences in the BAU, about the mental processes of his unsubs, about methodology and tactics and what have you in relation to his work in catching and assisting in catching bad guys. 

I have to assume that real profilers/ cops/ detectives/ agents/ doctors have written books about their experiences as well. Does anyone know of any novels in the the same vein as the ones Rossi writes? The only things I can find at the local Barnes n' Noble are True Crime, which read fictional detective stories.


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