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A lot of people commented the latest CM episode felt like one from the old school, and this made me think of all the previous seasons. There is a LOT of good stuff there and I've begun to wonder...

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Yet another EW "exclusive" video...

Hotch & Beth in the finale...

I think after the fans voted Aaron Hotchner/Thomas Gibson the most under-appreciated actor, they changed their tune about posting things about CM...
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"Into the Woods" is on my TV right now, and I looked it up on the CM wiki, and decided to skip it the way I skipped "P911", and wish I had skipped "Hope". I know there are probably some people who skipped the pyro episodes even if they didn't the others, because the result of burns are their last straws, everyone have different ones, let's make a list?

Obviously this would be spoilery, my idea is, you put in your comment, the title of the triggering thing, and then you put in < font color= "white" > but minus the space < / font> the episode names.

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...and I shall bookend this extremely depressing post with a link to the interview Cat Fancy did with the kickass awesome Paget Brewster (she was their cover for Jan 2011):
Bonus: Mandy Patinkin sings the chestnuts Christmas song

ETA: Palate Cleanser Platter of KITTENS!!!!

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This very spoilery article talks about the changes that the teams faces in season 7. It's very informative and interesting.

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To say the land of Criminal Minds fandom has been full of ups and downs in the last year would be an understatement. I’m kind of glad the season is over, if just to get a break from the drama. Of course, the drama for this season started last summer, so I may not get a break at all! Time will tell.

That aside, this season finale did not leave us with a cliffhanger, or an ‘OMG IS SOMEONE GOING TO DIE?!’ moment. It did, however, leave us with questions about next season’s casting, which if you’ve followed the Criminal Minds news, you’re already aware of. If you’re not, read on.

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After that big build up with Prentiss’ story arc, and the emotional toll it took on a lot of fans, it’s probably a good thing that we got a week free of the show before coming back this week, just to process. I really thought it was going to be hard to watch, but thankfully they came back with a solid episode. The reminders that Prentiss was gone didn’t overshadow the case, and for that I’m thankful.

While I don’t like the major changes the show is pushing through, I have to admit that the writing has been good this season. Or maybe the major changes they’ve pushed thorough have caused me to lower my standards in keeping with CBS’s decisions. But I digress…

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A few months ago I posted some links to my personal journal, where I'd written three recap-type entries for some of the newer CM episodes:

Safe Haven
Devil's Night

For those who aren't already familiar with my... um... I don't actually like calling them "recaps" (I always seem to default to "crappy point-form play-by-plays") they're basically nothing more than free-written ramblings. I press play on an episode, I pause it when something comes to me, and I write stuff down. Sometimes I add pictures/screencaps. Sometimes I go off on a complete tangent. The results aren't terribly ground-breaking/intelligent, but I have my fun when I write them, and I know that some fellow fans enjoy them, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the links to four more that I've completed in the past few months:

Middle Man
Reflection of Desire
Into The Woods
Sense Memory

Yeah, I know I skipped quite a few episodes (February was a bit of a busy month for me, and as a result I ended up falling behind), but I am hoping to slowly make my way through most (if not all) of the S6 eps in due time.

Anyway, I enjoy discussing the episodes, so please feel free to comment/joke/flail/debate/picspam/gifspam/whatever on any of my entries (90% of what I write is completely tongue-in-cheek, so yeah... anything goes)! I'm always happy to meet new friends and strike up a conversation about the show.

Oh, and of course beware of mega SPOILERS. :)
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Hi all! I'm still fairly new to this comm (it wasn't too long ago that I first introduced myself), but I've been thoroughly enjoying everyone's fic/art/other contributions in my relatively brief period of lurking here. While I haven't written any CM fic myself (yet... I'm really hoping that some inspiration will come to me soon) I do love to write, even if it's just essentially mindless free-writing. This is my roundabout way of segueing into the point I'm trying to make! Haha. Since the start of Season Six I've been writing what I like to call "crappy play-by-play recaps" of a few episodes on my personal livejournal. Basically I press play on the episode, pause it when something comes to me, and write it down. Sometimes I add pictures. Sometimes I go off on a complete tangent. Trust me when I say that the results are certainly not worthy of any "Intelligent Insight of the Week" awards, but I have fun writing them, so I thought I'd share. I've written three so far:


Safe Haven

Devil's Night

Anyway, I love discussing the episodes, so please feel free to comment if you have anything to add, or if you just want someone to flail/spaz with (I'm always up for a bit of that, as [livejournal.com profile] goddessdster can attest to). Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!!! :)


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