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Some GIFs I post on tumblr and thought I'd share here.
gifs under the cut from 8x13 )
They're my first attempts, be gentle!
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Just run across this on tumblr, and it's really kind of perfect. 

(click for bigger)

As far as I can tell, the original came from here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=big&illust_id=26298299
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I created this for a challenge at [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse, and I thought others might enjoy it. :)

Wheels Up
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Title: Out of the Ashes I Rise
Fandoms: The Millenium Trilogy, The L Word, Private Practice, Dollhouse, Criminal Minds, Veronica Mars, Higher Ground
Subject: Sexual Assault Awareness Month (it's a tad late)
Warnings: Deals with rape and sexual abuse. Spoilers for all fandoms.
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Title: Love Profiled
Author/Artist: Romanse1
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Morgan and Reid

This is a new illo to go along with my latest installment of "This Side of New Orleans".

“Love Profiled” illlo here
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6 - Bleach
2 - Sherlock
1 - Torchwood

Tumblr Graphics:
2 - Doctor Who (Rory/Amy, Rory)
2 - Actors (Arthur Darvill, Paget Brewster, Benedict Cumberbatch)

Picspam (for [livejournal.com profile] ukverse)
1 - Doctor Who ("The Eleventh Hour")

we'll carry on
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Title: Pretty Boy
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Dr. Spencer Reid
Rating: G for cuteness
Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds and I make no profit from this.
Materials: Winsor & Newton Black Spider ink, Copic Sketch markers, Bee Paper Super Deluxe sketch book.
Note: So, I do little chibi doodles when I first start inking for the day as a warm up before I actually work on my comic pages. Since I quite like how this drawing of Reid came out, I decided to color it with my Copics! So I guess this is my first official CM fanart? Enjoy :)

Here at my journal
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3 - Bleach headers
2 - Criminal Minds headers (Garcia, Prentiss)
4 - Actor headers (Kristen Vangsness, AJ Cook & Paget Brewster;
Matt Smith promotional pics for Doctor Who)

All headers are 1000px across (because that's what fits my layout best). You may resize them, but please don't repost the resized ones as your own. I didn't post thumbnails so this is very image heavy.

Fake cut to my journal!
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08 Icons
02 "Friend only" Banner
01 Picspam
01 Tumblr Graphic


Ava_15 Ava_16 Photobucket

the rest here @ [livejournal.com profile] larmay
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Please click on the image to see the full image. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks.

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Icons: 26 Lost, Criminal Minds & House.
12 Lost, Criminal Minds & House.

CM Boys   CM   CM Girls
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Title: far gone from a waking world
Character: Nathan Harris
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings unless you're very much averse to facial muscles.
Medium: ink, nib, brush.

far gone from a waking world"
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Title: me and you
Artist: melanth0
Character: Emily Prentiss
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings.
Medium: Marker.

link to full picture
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Title: some things you just give away
Artist: melanth0
Medium: Marker
Character: Adam from s4, episode 20, "Conflicted".
Warnings: None, but spoilers for the episode in my comments, kind of.

"You may have to wait a very long time."
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Hello! This is my first CM-fandom post, so I've filled out the newbie questionnaire behind the cut at the bottom of this post. anyway. to business!

Title: you won't but you might
Characters: Reid, no pairing
Medium: Marker
Rating/Warnings: G, no warnings.


link to full pic at my journal

newbie stuff here )
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a fanmix (and a mini quote spam) on the friendship between morgan and reid made for a challenge at crimeland

can be found here


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