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Been pretty quiet around here so I thought I would post the newest cast picture. I am actually very excited for the premiere. I hope the first 9 seasons of CM coming to Netflix will help energize the show by giving it a new audience. Been rewatching lately and I really can't wait for the October 1st premiere.

season 10 cast picture. )
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Hey guys,

I've been looking for some pics of Reid holding/running with a gun and I can't seem to find them. My great collection of CM pics was lost about two years ago, and there isn't one fansite that conveniently archives all of them in a way that is accessible. 

So, can anyone help me with this? I'm looking for either eisode promo pics, or just episode names so I can go hunt down screencaps. In particular I remember a late season 2 or season 3 pic that was quite memorable, and kept turning up in icons, but I can't remember the episode name. 
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Finally, here are the new promotional photos for this season.

Pics Here )
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Name: Louise
Age: Old enough to know better ;)
Location: New Zealand
Favorite TV Show: Hawaii Five-O
Other Shows Watched: Stargate (SG-1/SGU/SGA), Doctor Who, Human Target, NCIS:LA, The A-Team, Battlestar Galactica (old skool), CSI:NY, CSI:LV
Favorite Quote: For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. - Judy Garland
Favorite Color: Green
If I was a criminal, I'd be... Erm...*thinks* you know, I've never really thought about it and can't come up with anything on the spot *facepalm*

As for my picspam request, I know it's going to sound really weird but I'm in need of pictures of any of the male cast holding babies? Spam me with whatever you've got! :D
Promo pics, screencaps, etc etc. Anything and everything! They're for a lovebar I'm putting together :)
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Does any one know where to find good promo pictures of the Criminal Minds characters? I am NOT looking for episode promos, unless it is a good profile shot of one character. (I know episode promos are posted here, but I've been having memory loss lately and can't recall which episodes had these kind of pictures!)

I’m really looking for recent seasons, as I can find promos of the earlier seasons (1-3), but not the later ones. High-resolution is preferred, but I can make do with smaller pictures, as long as they are not too small. I searched the community for promo stills, but I could only find S3, and all the others were episode promos.

I’m particulary searching for JJ, Reid, and Morgan.

You can reply here, send me a message on LJ or tumblr through my ask (http://prettyboygenius.tumblr.com/), or e-mail me: prettyboygenius AT gmail.com. You can also contact me through dA (lesablefox). If you just have promo photos of ANY of the characters I have listed, I will DEFINITELY take that and be extremely grateful.

This is for a super secret gift I'm doing for someone, so any and all help will be appreciated and credited!

Not sure what to tag this as- help, mods?

Thank you!
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Under zee cut.

a suspicious lack of Hotch )


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Not sure of the ep number.

Introducing FBI cadet Ashley Seaver.

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Just in case anyone was looking for these in HQ, here they are:

Promos for Mosley Lane, Solitary Man & The Fight )
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These have been posted before, but just to tide us over until next week they're REALLY BIG.

possibly spoilerish )


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