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In the last episode comment posting in this community, some folks lamented the general atmosphere of crickets here, and then [livejournal.com profile] a_blackpanther suggested that some members might want to discuss more general themes related to the show, sooooooo... yeah, I decided to do a thing. And since things can be daunting for some, I decided to fill the thing with fun little checkboxes because who doesn't like checking things off, amirite?

Below is a poll with lots of questions that hopefully encourage a little back and forth. Feel free to expand on your opinions in the comments section, okay?

[Poll #1960090]

As I said above, please feel free to expand on your answers in the comments!

*EDIT*: LOL! I'm impressed that so many of you think that this show needs more dinosaurs XD
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TV Guide @TVGuide

fans - vote for Penelope & Spencer as your favorite TV nerds!

As of now (5/7 5:45pm Pacific), the results are:

1.  Sheldon Cooper - 927 votes
2.  Abby Sciuto - 659 votes
3.  Spencer Reid - 639 votes
4.  Jess Day - 608 votes
5.  Leonard Hofstadter - 580 votes
6.  Penelope Garcia - 546 votes
7.  Chuck Bartowski - 511 votes
8.  Walter Bishop - 366 votes
9.  Amy Farrah Fowler - 355 votes
10.  Lisa Simpson - 331 votes
11.  Liz Lemon - 280 votes
12.  Raj Koothrappalli - 266 votes
13.  Howard Wolowitz - 250 votes
14.  Abed Nadir - 248 votes
15.  Dwight Schrute - 236 votes
16.  Annie Edison - 219 votes
17.  Kenneth Parcell - 154 votes

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[Poll #1716782]
AN: I don't added Seaver because to my knowledge she isn't an Agent or Profile, but a Cadet.
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After reading [Poll #1670780]

Edit: Thanks to [info]gandolforf for pointing out than I can add more than one question to a poll. I am very embarrassed and I apologize in advance for the inconveniences.
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What's your favorite Criminal Minds episode from the first season? Share why in the comments:

[Poll #1637108]
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Hey everyone, I've got a question for anybody who reads fan fiction:[Poll #1624139]Thanks for the feedback, and have a super day. <3
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Ok, you guys are so going to laugh at me for this post.

I was watching the rerun for "The Internet Is Forever" and noticed I actually fit this victim profile! Creepy much? So! I was wondering if I could get a (virtual) show of hands of who else does? That would be pretty awesome and make me feel a lot less creep-ed out. LOL.

Love and cherries,

Visual Profile: Ridge on the forehead, straight nose, left eye is lower (minutely)than right eye.
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Hi! I'm new to the Criminal Minds fandom, coming from the Harry Potter fandom which is freakin huge and I was discussing with a friend how many Harry Potter fanfiction/fanart fests there are in that fandom. I'm not sure if there are any Criminal Minds-specific fests (I do know that there were some CM prompts at [livejournal.com profile] slashfest, but only a few), and that got us talking about starting a fest.

So we asked the lovely mods if we could post a poll, just to see how many of you would be interested as well!

Poll under here )

Please encourage everyone who loves Criminal Minds to vote in the poll! :)
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I have a very brief poll about the spin off at my journal. I am writing an opinion article for thetwocents.com and wanted to get the general fan reaction. I would really appreciate it if as many people as possible would vote. Thanks.
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Didn't it bring back all your childhood issues?
It sure brought mine back.

( here for the poll )
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So, I've uploaded the poll for, uhn... "Retaliation".

Do you still remember that episode?

So, click here for OZ refferences and Lee Tergensen obsession

CM Fan Poll

Jan. 5th, 2010 09:12 am
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Mods, pardon me if this has been done recently or is not allowed, I'm still a little newbie.

Since I'm holed up at home for the next two days (throat, sinus, and ear infection. =/), I thought I'd post this because I've been very, very curious.

So, fandom, who is your favorite member, past or present, of the BAU? I think I got 'em all...

[Poll #1507522]
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E!Online's girl on top poll features Emily Prentiss. Unfortunately, she's loosing out right now, so please spare a moment to vote for her:


Nov. 27th, 2009 09:29 pm
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Do any of you have any idea of how much I LOVED this episode? I actually thought this was going to be disappointing, but it turned out better than I hoped for!!

( and so the poll this week is HUGE )


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