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Title: Proud of you
Author: purple_nights
Rating: PG
Genre: Missing Scene
Spoilers: 2x01 The Fisher King part 2
Warnings: none if you saw the episode
Summary: The case had, accidentally, been started by his mother. Now it was on Reid to end it.
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Proud of you
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Title: What I've done
Author: purple_nights
Rating: PG
Genre: Character Study, Song!fic
Spoilers: 2x18 Jones
Warnings: none if you saw the episode
Summary: They hadn't seen each other for years. And still Ethan had been able to help where Reid's team members couldn't.
The title is from the Linkin Park song of that name which I used for this song!fic.
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What I've done
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Title: Be cared for
Author: purple_nights
Rating: PG
Genre: Character Study
Series: Moments in Time
Spoilers: 2x21 Open Season
Warnings: none beyond what's in the episode
Summary: The team always looked out for him. And sometimes Reid let them. This is the fifth chapter of my oneshot series "Moments in Time".
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Be cared for
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crimina minds evolution.
02 icons for every season and every character.
We like our heroes have changed

CM-8X01-(40) CM_5X17--(654) CM_4X18-(201) CM_2X09-(103) CM_2X04-(123)
CM_1X22-(83) CM_5x22_0712 CM_2X05-(260) CM_1X02-(27) CM_4X25E26--(244)
ICONS HERE @ credit [livejournal.com profile] pilla06
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6371 caps total | Logoless | sorted | 1280x720 | jpg

All here at [livejournal.com profile] grande_caps

(and I should have 8.19 up later today ^^)
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Title: Cubed
Author: [livejournal.com profile] itsneverand
Rating: FRT/Teen [Language]
Pairing: None
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: She keeps her pills on top of unsolved Rubik’s Cubes.
Note: Elle post-Fisher King
Warning: Mild language

Read it on: FF.Net | LJ | Tumblr

I'm new to the CM fic world, so any feedback/prompts/comments would be very welcome.
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Title: Another way out
Author: purple_nights
Rating: PG
Genre: Missing Scene
Spoilers: 2x11 Sex, Birth, Death
Warnings: none if you saw the episode
Summary: He couldn't just let him die. Now he could only trust that he would be able to live with whatever outcome this might have in the future.
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Another way out


Dec. 15th, 2011 01:18 pm
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33 icons season 1&2


Here @ credit [livejournal.com profile] pilla06
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JJ, Garcia and Prentiss At A Bar

embedded )

LOL *snip*! So 221 "Open Season" was on CTV2 last night, and
1) I wonder how many "Real FBI Agents" was on the CBS board to think that excluding JJ and Prentiss from the show was ever a feasible idea.
2) When Professor Gideon was comforting the dying unsub in the end, okay, that was kinda creepy, and sensual, and I'm jealous of the unsub (or his actor) and that is so very very very wrong lol. The scene is at 38:30-39:15, 40:28 & 40:48. It is vaguely creepy as well as moment of tearjerking as well as something else. [livejournal.com profile] hawk_dancing theorize that it was A Case of Transference in her fic, The Ones That Got Away (Gideon/Reid, reference to Reid's death in "Revelations").
3) The camera pulling up and away sequence that shows the top of the trees in the park - I was fully expecting to see a lot of skeletons in the trees - the uncle started the most dangerous game* tradition, and it sounded like there was No Evidence until his n00b nephews started.

*...but according to Max Brooks, of the Zombie Survival Guide, humans are actually the easiest game and nothing to brag about, "What Have I Been Doing With My Life"?
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Spoiler Warning for old episodes: "Jones", "Memoriam", and "Uncanny Valley"

Trigger Warning: for sexual abuse and child abuse

Why Spencer's rage against Samantha Malcolm's father was personal )
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By the time I saw this episode, I started on Season 7 and I know about Prentiss's James Bond days.

Anyone here saw it during the first run though? How weirder was Aaron and Emily's reunion now? He sees the little girl of an old boss (What is she doing here?), she says she's been working in the Midwest in a way that implies she was some sheltered admin clerk, but BAM, she was actually Secret Agent Prentiss! Did she just come into BAU straight from The Cold?

On the introductory crime scenes, two things I like very much
1) Gore aversion: The killer strikes but we don't see the what he sees...Start to Corpse is averted too (where the very present of a corpse is required to 'kick start' the story): The chase begins without the gore, the fact that we knew bad things happened to the women without seeing it, is scary enough, because
2) Both women were given screentime to established with the viewers that they are people, not just fodder for the unsubs. Contrast to to "Remembrance for Things Past" (or as I remember it "Targeted Demographic: Ageing Serial Sex Killers"), where, other than the parents, who was important to the unsub as the target of the phone message, we never saw the victims through anyone's eyes but the unsubs. (and the family can't be counted actually, because they weren't on screen together). Considering Disposable Sex Worker trope, I especially adore the people responsible for the episode, that when we see the second victim, like the first one, we see her as a mother with her kids.

ETA: ...and Emily waiting in Aaron's office in the end, she wasn't desperate to prove herself, she knows what she can do, she was desperate to get back into The Game.
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Title: Beast or Dragons
Characters: Reid, Tobias Hankel's father
Rating: FRT
Summary: Set during 2x15, Revelations, when Reid first encounters Tobias Hankel's father. (ftm!Reid)
Warnings: (canon) violence, (canon) religious hate, Bible verses.
A/N: Written for [info]lesablefox . Part three of a mini-series of AU (although I suppose we don't know that Reid isn't trans*) episode tags. Title from "Skin", Beth Hart.

No one has ever mentioned how boring it is to be a captive, between the moments of heart-stopping terror. [LJ] [AO3]
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I hope you enjoy it!


ALL HERE@CREDIT [livejournal.com profile] pilla06 


Jul. 2nd, 2011 08:51 pm
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