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Title: Unorthodox Love

Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Pairing: Gina/Ashley

Rating: PG

Warnings: Spoilers for CM 6x18 - "Lauren" and CM:SB 1x13 - "Death By A Thousand Cuts"

Summary: Not every relationship is built on paper hearts and flowers.

Author's Notes: Based off of a Monday Prompt over at [info]suspectbehavior.

Unorthodox Love
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My CM Big Bang is finally up!  Yay!

Title: The Distant and Dead
Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: Mystery/Steampunk/Drama with a bit of Romance
Pairings: Gina LaSalle/Seaver, Rossi/Reid, Hotch/Haley, Morgan/Garcia, Prophet/Mick Rawson, Holmes/Watson
Summary: The year is 1892.  Sherlock Holmes has been dead for over a year.  When it appears that Jack the Ripper has returned, Scotland Yard calls in a team of Americans to take the case.  The plot thickens when an American proves to be involved -- an American the team has faced before.
Rating: soft R, I think
Warnings: Crossover, AU, slash, femslash, drug use, references to past torture/abuse, oodles of UST, one "on-screen" stabbing, frank discussion of horrible crimes.



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Another one bites the dust: CBS has canceled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior after one season.

The news was better for fellow Eye bubble procedural CSI: NY, which was picked up for an eighth season.


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I have created a new community for the spin-off: [livejournal.com profile] suspectbehavior! I will be making weekly episode discussion posts, starting tonight. Come join us, just remember to read the rules!

(this post has been mod approved)
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  This is the discussion post for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour Episode 1x01 - "Two of a Kind". Watch out for SPOILERS in the comments.
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 As some of you may know, the spin-off will be airing its first episode Wednesday, Feb 16th. I know views about the show are on both sides of the fence around here, but I was wondering if you guys would like an episode discussion thread for the spin-off as well. This community is dedicated to Criminal Minds so I don't think it'll be a regular thing, but there's Garcia and some of you still wanted to give it a chance.[Poll #1679561]
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If this is too ~spoilery, let me know and I'll cut it.

'Criminal Minds' spin-off adds former 'West Wing'-er Richard Schiff

Forest Whitaker, meet your new boss.

West Wing Emmy winner Richard Schiff is joining CBS’ Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior in the recurring role of FBI director Jack Fickler, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Schiff—who most recently starred on the ill-fated Fox drama Past Life—will debut in the first episode of the spin-off, which is slated to launch at midseason.

CM: SB stars Whitaker as the head of an elite team of agents within the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. The cast also includes Janeane Garofalo, Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, Beau Garrett, and Minds mainstay Kirsten Vangsness.

Source: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2010/08/05/criminal-minds-spinoff-adds-richard-schiff/

Well then.
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So... who is going to watch at least the first episode of the new CM: SB?

I will... If nothing else, to see if it's made of fail like CSI: NY, NCIS: LA, or the number of other spin-offs that have been created over the years. Who knows? Maybe it will end up like Trauma, which I watched because I'm a masochist and it was so bad I couldn't help it. Kind of like a train wreck. Cannot. Look. Away. 

I'm still going to be pissed about the extermination of Paget and AJ (particularily because I generally dislike women as protrayed in books/TV shows, and as a result, tend to avoid shows with an over-abundance of women. Because the eventual whiny sex objects for the Other Male Characters gets old really fast. And I have my own issues with women that stem from being a transgendered male. But that's a whole other ballgame. My point is that they finally have a show where the [strong] women are NOT trying to bone the male cast, in addition to actually being useful for purposes beyond Looking Pretty, and they get rid of them? Wtf? Seriously. You cannot understand my annoyance.)

But eh. Everyone else has ranted it to death. 

Like I said: Srs Business is going to be like a train wreck. I'm going to watch it because I will simply be unable to look away for at least one episode.

But anyone else? I'm curious. I know lots of people said they're going to quit watching CM entirely, and will boycott the new series. However, those of you who WILL watch at least the first episode, what are your predictions? Let's play a game.

Mine: Some Important Guy or Helpless Young White Woman happens to die. For some reason Resources Are Stretched and Srs Business team is called in. The Head Rebel Guy does some mouthing off to Authority, we get hints of Mysterious Sniper Man's past, Random Hot Chick/Wonder Woman will do something stupid and screw something up and/or get hurt, and Genius Computer Hacker will do some illegal shit via his Sooper-Special computer equipment. All of this will occur after the Authority will have forbidden them to become involved. But then they catch the Horrible Killer Dude with some Magical Revelation (Mysterious Sniper Man will probably shoot him when Horrible Killer Dude has another member of the team in his Evil Clutches; afterwards, he will ANGST about it, Head Rebel Guy will give words of encouragement and Random Hot Chick will lust after Mysterious Sniper Man and Genius Computer Hacker.

Person with the closest scenario as proven by the series premiere wins a cookie and major brownie points and lulz.

(Note: This post is supposed to be a parody/satirical. 'Cause everything is not serious business, y'all.)
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Sorry, folks, I was never really a fan of hers to begin with.
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The Spinoff finally has a title.

Good freaking grief. )
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Since a great deal has already been posted about the bungled spin-off tie-in, I will keep this brief: My only motivation to watch the spin-off IF it gets off the ground would be to see if my prediction is correct.

Cut for those who haven't seen it... )
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OK so after watching Wednesday night's ep, I couldn't resist--I gave it the full recap treatment.  I've been recapping bad movies and TV shows (mostly teen-oriented) on my YA lit blog, and if there was anything worth venturing outside my comfort zone to recap, it was this ep.

I'm linking this here in case anyone's into that sorta thing, but I warn you: this is a very lengthy, very snarky recap, and also very biased.  Like I'm not even trying to hide it.  So if you genuinely felt Wednesday's episode was good television, or just liked the spinoff, bear in mind that I am mocking it mercilessly, so only click if you're not inclined to take my recap seriously (which by all means, you should not).  In fact, I encourage everyone not to take it seriously, since I wasn't taking myself particularly seriously while writing it.  I was just having some fun.

I'm going to quote the beginning and if you're interested in the rest, I've linked the post at my LJ.

So last night, Criminal Minds aired a “backdoor pilot” (*snicker*… yes, I am 12) for its new spinoff series. So basically it’s the spinoff pilot disguised as a CM ep.

I’ll put it bluntly—when I first heard of the spinoff, I wasn’t particularly excited. OK, maybe that’s an understatement. About as excited as I would be about getting a root canal without anesthesia whilst being forced to listen to Justin Bieber on repeat whilst being forced to watch Smallville might be a little more apt. But in spite of all this, I tried my hardest to go into this with an open mind. I didn’t want the spinoff to suck—not because I have any intention of watching it, but because Bernero and co. really seem to want to show off their new toy with crossovers, should this spinoff get picked up. Unfortunately, if this ep is a harbinger of things to come, man, am I going to need more alcohol.
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There's an interesting article about the still untitled spin-off which explains what it's about and what's going on. It sounds pretty interesting. It's a bit spoilerish for tonight's episode.
It also mentions they have plan for the whole season if they get picked up (backstories!) and that Chris Mundy would be leaving CM to be full-time showrunner. The new show is starting to sound good to me, but Mundy's eps are some of my favourite CM eps, and it would be sad if we didn't get any more of them.
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Yet another name sighting for the spinoff. Hmm, I'd actually rather Minds 2.0 But according to New York magazine...Who Likes Cop Shows? You’d Better

Criminal Minds: San Francisco (CBS): A gusty-but-bald FBI man leads a new group of profilers in solving crimes, but their tenacity occasionally creates conflicts with serial killers.
Starring: Forest Whitaker
Let's hope they're still guessing. =/


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