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Potentially unpopular opinion, now that Brewster is gone too, I kinda wish the entire CM cast would quit CM, and then meet up again in a comedy show. I just don't know what. Bunnies anyone?

ETA: What happened:
- CBS kicked Paget out
- Fans revolt
- CBS forced Paget to come back, because of the contract...
- Now that Paget's contract is up, she will leave.

...and wow, 121 comments, I thought this was unshocking news, ouch my inbox. I wish Paget the best.


ETA: On the subject of awesome female characters and actresses, but terrible terrible bosses...any of you Star Trek TNG fans here? Remember when Dr.Crusher all of a sudden got replaced before the collective outrage of fans and Patrick Stewart speaking on Gates McFadden's behalf got her back? The rumoured cause of her leaving was that she refused to sleep with one of the producers - a rumor given merit since Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand, TOS), was assaulted by two producters she didn't feel comfortable naming, before HER character was given the sudden-off. Ditto for the career of the actress in The Birds, Tippi Hedren, she signed a 7 contract with Hitchcock, who used it to keep her from working after she refused him. The BS that actresses have to put up with and all the things thrown at them is deplorable. If I stopped watching Criminal Minds after Paget leaves, it will less because of No Emily (though I will miss her so), but because of WHY she left. It's a sour taste in my mouth accented by the last weekk's episode, where Garcia thought something sexual happened between her and Morgan even though she was so drunk she couldn't remember any of it, and the writer is unaware of the unfortunate implication of.
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Dear Criminal Minds fans,

With the mods' permission, I would like the bring to your attention the open letter posted on criminalmindsfanatic.blogspot.com regarding the fans' concern about the still unrenewed contracts of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. It's a brief and concise letter addressed to CBS with the intention of voicing the fans' anxiety about the way CBS has treated the CM actresses this year and about the uncertainty regarding Messrs. Gibson and Moore's contracts. It's currently open for comments.

It's a nice way to put in our two cents, so if you're interested, click on the link above, read the letter, and sign it with a comment. Let's hope it works to keep the actors on the show.

(P.S. Have I really actually found a tag named 'wtfcbs?' LOL! This alone should be an indicator of how wrong things have been going this year.)
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The casting news in Criminal Minds Land has been crazy since last summer. First we learned AJ Cook would not be coming back to the show except for the first two episodes. Then we were told Paget Brewster would have a reduced role, and it would be her last season. Then Rachel Nichols was reportedly hired on for a three episode arc, but added later as a full time cast member. Then we heard that CBS was offering Paget her full contract back, but she was going to keep her options open… It’s getting dizzying!

I thought maybe that was the end of it. There couldn’t possibly be more casting drama within the course of a year, right? Wrong. Apparently not only did CBS see the error of their ways in letting Brewster go, they have now realized that letting Cook go was a bad idea too. You would think the fan uproar last summer would have cued them in to this, but apparently they had to be stubborn.

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I’ve reached episode 16 of Criminal Mind’s last season, and I can sum it up in a couple of words: what the fudge? I’m not trying to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but I though this show was a huge deal in the USA. What the heck are they doing lately? And what’s up with the spin-off?

The Rant )

Now, what do you think? Am I being unreasonable, picky, bitch-y? I really do welcome any kind of opinions, because this cannot seriously be as bad as it looks . . . Anyway, that’s my two cents. I’m really disappointed with this season.
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After reading [Poll #1670780]

Edit: Thanks to [info]gandolforf for pointing out than I can add more than one question to a poll. I am very embarrassed and I apologize in advance for the inconveniences.
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Sorry to insight rage just when things were quieting down, but Joe Mantegna updated his Facebook with a message that elicited quite the response! It's nothing new, but still, the legitimacy makes it really hit home. Rage.

Read it here.
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PS- I should clarify. I am immensely grateful. I'm still angry about AJ. I'm sad this is my last year. But I wanted to thank the fans...
I assume this means that even if the show is picked up for a 7th season, her new contract says she won't be in it. This is news to me, and also complete BS. (Sorry if this is old news and was mentioned in one of the articles previously posted.)
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Brewster just closed a deal to return to the veteran CBS crime drama, and she will be in almost every episode next season. But Cook, whose option for next season was not picked up, will be gone after wrapping her character J.J.'s storyline in two episodes early next season.

I hear Brewster's pact is for 10 out of 13, which means that she will be in nearly every episode. The actress had been approached to continue as a regular on the show but for a reduced number of episodes; now the reduction seems to be pretty small.

Wait, what is this about 13 episodes? Aren't we getting a full season? I'm confused now!
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EDIT: This is a post for people to talk about WHY THEY WILL STILL WATCH. This isn't for people to reinterate sexism, why CBS sucks, etc. Please keep that in consideration!

I want to try something, and I'm sure it might not go over well. Mods...use your powers if you feel it right. But I think we need this here.

There are some of us, while sad AJ is leaving, who aren't going to stop watching the show. We may have thought some of the protests went too far. We may be excited for the change in team chemistry. Basically, we're gonna give it a shot.

We're also afraid that however calm and articulate we are, we'll be seen as flamers or we'll be flamed. I thought this could be the post for those of us who need to get this off our chests. Need to vent in another direction.

Feel free to be anon. I'd urge nobody to slam other fans, just talk about what they hope for season 6, why they aren't going to stop watching, etc. I don't want ANYONE ON ANY SIDE to feel insulted.

Whadda ya think?

EDIT: This is a 'Why I will watch' thread, not yet another place for people to state 'why they won't watch.'
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If anyone is having trouble coming up with what to say to CBS/its affiliates/people and organizations that could get us media attention for the Save the CM Ladies campaign, [livejournal.com profile] jl_decker has a helpful post HERE that might help you out.
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I made a poster to help and continue the Campaign, so don't hesitate to post it everywhere ! Or send it to CBS or just everyone lol.

(click on the banner to see the full poster)

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I seem to have been on a western kick - maybe because this fandom seems to be squaring off against CBS, I don't know. But for your enjoyment and my amusement I give you this desktop background:


More posters at my LJ. CBS sucks.
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Jezebel has picked up the story of what's happening with the CM ladies and links to the petition! Apparently quite a few people submitted the story as a tip. This is great, because Jezebel is quite a popular feminist site. The more exposure, the better.

(Although their name will forever remind me of The Big Game.)
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Have you guys heard about this? I think it's a wonderful idea! Let's bombard CBS with more than they can handle!



Jun. 17th, 2010 03:41 am
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If you feel like the decision to cut two women, but leave the men unscathed is misogynistic, voice your outrage.

NOW (the National Organization for Women) has a Media Hall of Shame and you can nominate a media organization that you feel is being unfair to women.  Feel free to nominate CBS - hopefully if enough people nominate them, they'll get admitted to the Hall of Shame and feel compelled to dispel this reputation of being anti-feminist.

Maybe if CBS starts getting flack from feminist organizations, they'll start listening.  If you can think of other feminist organization that might be able to lean on CBS, please write to them and/or post a link so we can get ahold of them as well.

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Below the cut is a list of Twitter accounts for companies that advertise on Criminal Minds. If you are so inclined, please take the time to tweet the following statement to each account and make them aware of our plight. If enough of us make our voices known, then it just might make a difference.

You advertise on a sexist network.Make CBS keep strong female leads on #criminalminds,or we will boycott. #savetheCMLadies

CM Advertiser Twitter Accounts )

If you are aware of more, let me know, and I'll edit the post. We can make a difference!!


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