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"The actor was fired by “Criminal Minds” producers ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios following an internal investigation of an on-set fight in which Gibson allegedly kicked writer-producer Virgil Williams during production of an episode that Gibson was directing."

I'm not okay with physical violence and given this was the second time, I'm glad that ABC and CBS made this decision. Still, I'll miss Hotch on the show.
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Yet another EW "exclusive" video...

Hotch & Beth in the finale...

I think after the fans voted Aaron Hotchner/Thomas Gibson the most under-appreciated actor, they changed their tune about posting things about CM...
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Oh, we knew they were going to be renewed (okay, really hoped that CBS and ABC wouldn't be stupid to cancel them since CM is the #1 show on Wednesday per EW) but we just didn't know if everyone was going to return...

Mantegna, Gibson, Moore, Vangsness and Cook all signed 2 year deals. I wonder if Gibson's included the chance to direct more episodes.

Didn't MGG re-up last year for two years? Or is he the only one still without a contract?

Here's the announcement from EW: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/05/09/criminal-minds-renewed-for-ninth-season/
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Round 36 - Character: Penelope

Icons here @ [livejournal.com profile] laylas_bad_boyz.

Round 39 - Season Opener/Closer - Mayhem (Season 4)
10 - Unsub 01 - Confrontation AC 05
Icons found here @ [livejournal.com profile] laylas_bad_boyz.

Round 40 - Actor: Thomas Gibson

Icons found here @ [livejournal.com profile] laylas_bad_boyz.
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Multifandom Icons including Criminal Minds icons. Also, Thomas Gibson as Greg Montgomery from his Dharma & Greg days. :)
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From EW: Thomas Gibson to direct.... The ep was written by Rick Dunkle. They don't mention which episode it will be, but they do give us a spoiler about a returning guest star.
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Hee, Paget Brewster just posted this to her Twitter account:

High school graduation photos of the CM cast )

I would never have recognized Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, or Kirsten Vangsness in a million years. :D
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...or at the very least, it sure looks like you could do lines off his back:

Protip: Fold your tuckable greens lenghtwise twice )

Continuity: Organized Crime is either having him on or have something on for him.

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ETA: Bonus (maybe NSFW?) yong Thomas Gibson drunk and making out with a cute guy at the back of a club in Love & Human Remains 1993:

What I love about Hotch or Gibson is that well, even though I saw him in Dharma & Greg first, ever since I knew him better as Hotch, everything he did before is available as a sauce of "Hotch did what", somehow I could see cameos of his other characters as not "completely different character" but "Hotch, wildly out of character wtf?" Gibson is believable and touching as Hotch and believable and touching as Greg, but somehow it is just easier to crack them up together in a unified character secret history than it is for different characters of other actors I like. For example, Mandy Patinkin, maybe it's the years (and completely different universe), but Inigo Montoya - Jason Gideon - THE SAME GUY gets more "Mind BLOWN" then Greg = Younger and Fluffier Hotch, or so say tumblr and youtube comments. Even MGG's performance as Bart, the submissive in a serial killing pair in How to Be A Serial Killer, doesn't get any "Hey, that's Reid as a serial killer" moment.

Preppies of the Apocalypse writes: "he plays an awful lot of yuppies, sinister or otherwise" Maybe that's it.

ETA2: another scene from Love and Human Remains, feel free to pretend that the long hair guy is Reid m'kay? NSFW
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I'll just leave this here.....................................................................................

You are baby, you are!

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Aaron Hotchner grew up suffering physical abuse at the hands of his workaholic, lawyer father. (Season 1). It's strongly implied that his mother did little to stop the abuse. Hotch has a younger brother named Sean, who is a chef in NYC. Their father survived cancer, but later died of a heart-attack at 47, while Sean was still a child.

Read more... )

What is your favorite Aaron Hotchner episode?

Is there a part of Aaron's life that you wish got more focus?

What is Hotch's most striking character trait?

What is your favorite Hotch scene?

What do you think makes Hotch an integral part of the BAU?

For writers, how do you portray Hotch? Are there aspects of his life that are not on the show that you incorporate into your fiction? Do you stick pretty close to what the show portrays with regard to his character?

For readers, how do you like your Hotch portrayed? Stoic and serious? A family man? Do you prefer him in danger or saving the day?

What do you think makes Hotch tick?

Feel free to add any other thoughts about Hotch's character in this post, but keep it respectful, please. Disagreement is part of life, but don't put another person down to make your point.
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Requesting pictures of cast members with cute animals or with stuffed animals (um, which was the episode in which Garcia was adorably napping in her chair with a stuffed monkey? poor baby girl didn't get to settle down in bed)

Here's one of Thomas Gibson with a praying mantis

lj-cut )

It's from Gibson's Tumblr, "this dude followed us all the way to disneyland, d'awwwwww. Mr.Gibson, why are you so COOOOL!?!

An older(?) picture of MGG (from his modeling days?) in which he looks kinda vampy, is that his own puppy?
second picture lj-cut )

ETA Nov 25th: Paget Brewster on the cover of Cat Fancy! Jan 2011
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Write about CBS’ Criminal Minds (airing Wednesdays at 9/8c) — any story about it, really — and a small sect of fans is sure to surface throwing their weight behind a someday romance between BAU agents Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) and Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

Yet at least two factors might keep the Criminal Minds coworkers from ever broaching a workplace romance. For one, Hotch’s ex-wife was killed by a serial killer not two calendar years ago. There’s also the matter of while it’s one thing to have a lunch date with Lenny, the guy who drives the delivery van at your flower shop, it’s another to mix pleasure with a business that is so not conducive to canoodling.

“I’ve read [about some fans' want for a romance] and I don’t know how to respond to it,” Paget Brewster recently shared with TVLine. “I understand it on the one hand, because in the real FBI, people work so closely and are only around each other, so chances are that sooner or later they date each other. In some ways, it’s human nature.”

But on the other hand — and this is a valid point — “The idea that Hotch and I might be fooling around in a roundtable room when children are dying somewhere is really not appealing,” Brewster notes. “It’s a really hard line to ride, so I don’t know if they’ll ever write that. I really don’t.”

Thomas Gibson was similarly bearish on the idea when we ran it by him moments later, responding, “No, no, no…. Not unless it was one of those drunken evenings between Hotch and Prentiss.” (Yeah, one of those evenings. As if!)

Besides, Hotch is not the sort “to get involved with anybody he works with,” he contends. “Come on, he can’t do that!”

“That being said…,” Gibson added, “we’ll see.”

Well, now I'm picturing Hotch/Prentiss drunkenly going at it on the conference room table.


Sep. 26th, 2011 03:22 pm
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Here is Thomas Gibson on KTLA (one of the Los Angeles Stations) this morning. I can't embed sorry!;

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Didn't like the fighting between Dharma and Greg (Because seriously, WTF was that about? I'm just going to pretend they can't find a house and were having an off day), but it was still awesome!


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