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I'm linking two spoiler heavy articles in this post. One with show runner Erica Messer and one with Erica and Kristen Vangsness. Kristen cowrote this ep. Just a little BTS stuff about the hows and whys of the episode.

Article 1

Article 2
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Oh, we knew they were going to be renewed (okay, really hoped that CBS and ABC wouldn't be stupid to cancel them since CM is the #1 show on Wednesday per EW) but we just didn't know if everyone was going to return...

Mantegna, Gibson, Moore, Vangsness and Cook all signed 2 year deals. I wonder if Gibson's included the chance to direct more episodes.

Didn't MGG re-up last year for two years? Or is he the only one still without a contract?

Here's the announcement from EW: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/05/09/criminal-minds-renewed-for-ninth-season/
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Got some photos of the cast at the TCA party from the other night and well as from Comic Con a few weeks ago.

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Hee, Paget Brewster just posted this to her Twitter account:

High school graduation photos of the CM cast )

I would never have recognized Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, or Kirsten Vangsness in a million years. :D
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3 - Bleach headers
2 - Criminal Minds headers (Garcia, Prentiss)
4 - Actor headers (Kristen Vangsness, AJ Cook & Paget Brewster;
Matt Smith promotional pics for Doctor Who)

All headers are 1000px across (because that's what fits my layout best). You may resize them, but please don't repost the resized ones as your own. I didn't post thumbnails so this is very image heavy.

Fake cut to my journal!
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Sweet second Christmas! Where is this from?:

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Like, when was this?


1. I just love how good it looks when the CM cast manhandles each other.

2. Kirsten Vangsness's breasts are a work of art, and I envy how she doesn't fade by contrast when she wears bright colors.

BTW: If you have CHCH, Princess Bride is on RIGHT NOW, almost over, but they'll probably replay it again soon before Christmas. Huzzah!
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Last night was the Paley event and so here are some interviews that have been posted so far from the press line (none of the actual event yet).Matthew Gray GublerThomas Gibson
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A couple of pics from twitter that I know people will enjoy
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Hey Criminal Minds fans!

I wanted to let you know of this community called [livejournal.com profile] japan_calls that's trying to raise money and help Japan.

The objective is:

Our goal is to use the voices of admired entertainers as motivation to get others to donate to a worthy cause. We will hold open auctions for people to bid in receiving a personalized 15-second voice recording from a celebrity of their choice. (anything more/less is dependent on circumstances/willingness of the voice)

And And Kirsten Vangsness and Thomas Gibson have graciously signed up to be a part of it! The auctions start this Monday, March 28th and will last about a week. Hope to see you there!

Posted with moderator permission.
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Kirsten Vangsness and Criminal Minds is one of the finalists for the TV Guide Fan Favorites and its time to vote! Vote as many times as you want.

Best Actress Voting
Favorite Drama

Thanks to Kirsten-Vangsness.com for the heads up!

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